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Water Proof Pendant & Custom Necklaces

Waterproof Anklets, Earrings & Rings

Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklaces

Singing Bowls


Tapestries & Key Chains

I.B.S.S. Jewelry

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Only piece I need!

"This necklace is so charming I don't even have to layer it! It's adjustable for the perfect length, the metal lettering feels nice and heavy, great quality, deff one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry!!!!! Thank you Sierra!! 😍☝🏻"


This is the one!!! 😻😻😻

"I never take this necklace off I absolutely love it!"

- Yaya


"I love everything that you have here ❤️"

- Josue


"I am so happy I order from here! I wore the necklace while going to the beach and it's hasn't changed color. This necklace is so pretty and well made. I will be ordering from here again!"



"My Buddha is honestly so beautiful. I get compliments all the time. Waiting for a restock because it’s the perfect gift" 😍