1) How long will it take for my jewelry to come in?
- U.S. customers: All pendants/bracelets take 3-7 business days to come in.
Because our custom name necklaces are handmade, it takes 5-7 days to process. All our custom name necklaces take 1-2 weeks to come in.
2) Will the necklaces turn color?
- Our jewelry is made of mostly stainless steel and gold filled items so they don't tarnish easily or at all (waterproof labeled jewelry). Our jewelry is long lasting, however, An over exposure to liquid over a course of a few years may cause the necklaces to turn. Natural oily skin could also cause a metal reaction. Our jewelry is long lasting if handled with care. We recommend all our customers to handle these pieces with care by keeping it in a dry area. However, all waterproof label jewelry will not turn. 
3) Do you Issue Refunds?
- InspiredBySierra does not issue refunds. If your jewelry was damaged upon arrival or within 7 days, please contact InspiredBySierra@outlook.com and we will assist you.
4) Are your stones natural?
- Yes! Of Course!
5) Are your products ethically sourced?
- 100% Yes.
6) Do you ship internationally?
- We currently only ship domestically in the United States.